Repair Services

Simple Repair

How it Works


Encore can improve the condition and optimize the residual value of your previously used devices.


This cost effective minor repair solution will restore devices to fully functional and cosmetically clean, refreshed condition, optimizing the resale value and satisfying your customers needs.



Did you know:


Nearly 1/3 of pre-owned or traded phones have damage to the primary display or screen

Encore Leads the Industry



Scalable Operations

Our mature repair service model and operational facility is unmatched in the industry

OEM Parts

We deliver industry leading quality, including a robust detection system for counterfeit parts and quality controls

Software Tools

Our proprietary systems and tools effectively manage all aspects of the repair process

Our Solutions

Single component repair

Single part repair targeted for a specific component (i.e. Front Glass, Battery, Charge Port) to enhance the device

Multi Component Repair

A multi-part repair service covering a range of device components in an á la carte pricing format

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