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Same Unit Repair

How it Works

Same Unit Repair (SUR) is a unique, limited repair program designed to fix a specific issue or set of defects for devices enrolled in insurance or extended warranty programs. The focus is on efficient operational turnaround times, in addition to guaranteed delivery times.


Entrust Encore to repair your devices to original condition and functionality.  We have specific programs to support your Same Unit Repair needs across Carrier, Insurance, Retail and Enterprise segments.

Insurance Providers

Did you know:


Approximately 1 in 4 smartphone users will have a cracked screen while owning their device

Encore Leads the Industry



Experienced technicians with world class expertise

Scalable capacity to manage projects of any size

Customized and built to your specifications

Our Solutions

Repair programs for single or multi-part device repairs as defined by our customers



Advanced Device Replacement (Rapid Exchange) Programs

Expedited Device Repair (Express) Programs

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