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How it Works


CRISP stands for Cosmetic Restoration Including Sanitization and Polishing.

Encore has developed a proprietary set of cosmetic restoration, device sanitization and surface polishing techniques and processes.

Using our proprietary tools and engineering processes, we will improve the quality of your device inventory and maximize your resale values.  Device surfaces are inspected for imperfections, sanitized, cleaned, and delivered back in a “CRISP” condition.


The Value of CRISP



A proven solution that offers improved inventory valuation

‘Grade Skip’ your device inventory by enhancing the cosmetic condition and quality

Maximize profitability on your pre-owned device sales, but let us do the dirty work



     CRISP + LCD Replacement


     CRISP + Camera Replacement


     CRISP + Battery Replacement

Ready to improve your device inventory and maximize your resale profits?

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