Repair Services

Component Reclamation

How it Works

Subassembly repair and replacement of critical major device components – Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Back-Housing (BH) – using Encore’s proprietary remanufacturing processes.  


Increasing the life of major component parts can also benefit the environment versus purchasing new.


We are the remanufacturing experts, from full devices to major component reclamation and restoration.  We perform comprehensive subassembly repair and reclamation of major device components such as LCDs and Backhousings.


Let Encore reclaim valuable component parts to extract maximum value on your device inventory.

Did you know:


People are holding onto their mobile devices on average 24 to 30 months longer than before

Encore Leads the Industry



Authentic Parts
We use only authentic OEM parts in the reclamation process, including glass, cameras, buttons, and keys

Supplier Network
We are connected to a global network of verified suppliers to ensure quality parts are on-hand to support your needs

Technical Expertise
Our world class engineering team performs with rapid implementation new techniques and standards to deliver a robust and on-time product

Our Solutions

LCD Reclamation

Removing glass and other non-functioning components and reassembled with authentic parts in a 1000ppm clean room

BH Reclamation

Replacement of non-functioning parts, re-anodization, and laser inscription of the final product

Parts Reclamation

We will take your broken, locked or BER devices and reclaim the re-usable parts

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