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How it Works

Concierge level service offering you the products you want, when you need them and in the condition you expect.

Encore offers a range of high quality products to customers throughout the wireless ecosystem.  Our comprehensive grading process and reliable product inventory allows us to provide a consistent supply of quality mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

All products from Encore are fully cleaned and shipped “Retail Ready” to our customers. Our global sales network allows us to assist clients in profitably moving product throughout secondary channels.




Did you know:


1 out of 10 mobile devices sold today is a pre-owned device

Encore Product Portfolio

Apple – iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iWatch

Samsung & Android



Dedicated Product Sales Organization

We have developed and maintained a healthy base of customers across multiple buying segments – Wholesalers, Retailers, eTailers, Enterprise and Consumers

We have a global reach and the ability to sell and ship products into the following regions – North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific

What We Offer

Premium Certified Remanufactured
We attract premium buyers with our ability to maximize profitability with pristine condition devices, built with authentic OEM parts and an industry leading product warranty

Graded Device Portfolio
We regularly exceed the industry’s highest standards with devices that are functionally tested and cosmetically inspected to pass multiple quality checks

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