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Parts Management

How it Works

Supply of OEM and reclaimed parts along with sourcing and inventory management are essential capabilities in device lifecycle management.


Repair providers also depend on quality, original OEM parts to properly restore and extend the life of mobile devices.  Encore offers the parts you need to run and grow your repair business.


We have access to new, used and refurbished parts.  All fake, counterfeit or third-parts parts are removed and recycled.


LCDs             Batteries        Charge Ports

Housings      Buttons          Front/Rear Cameras

Speakers      Screws           Tape  

Did you know:


Counterfeit or fake parts introduce a number of risks to end users

  • Quality – Poor performing batteries, lower spec displays, cheaper cameras
  • Security – Insecure fingerprint reader
  • Software – Outdated or unknown OS

Why Parts from Encore?

Reclaimed and restored parts from existing Encore inventory and repair programs, all counterfeit parts are recycled or destroyed


We mitigate sourcing risks by harvesting parts that may be challenging to procure or that may no longer exist in the market 

Purchased parts from verified suppliers to support ongoing repair programs or passed through to repair providers


Encore has the necessary parts available to ensure your repair program operates efficiently  

Fulfillment of the highest quality components and parts for all levels of repair providers around the globe


Optimize your business’ performance by having the right parts on hand when you need them

Want to learn more about parts from Encore?

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