We are Experts in Extending the Life of Electronic Devices with a Reputation Built on Quality

Repairing Defective Components, Reusing Harvested Parts with Best-In-Class Reclamation Programs

Gateways & Modems

Encore is the trusted service provider to carriers and have OEM relationships that maximize asset value by extending the life-cycle of telecommunication devices while maintaining highest quality, and short turn arounds which allow for quick redeployment to subscribers.

Our capabilities include testing, sustainably sorting and reusing through a rigorous parts reclamation process, and board level repairs.  All Encore repairs are cosmetically enhanced and graded based on our customers specifications.

We approach your business challenges as if they were our own, with tenacity, ingenuity and grit .

  • Device software upload and updates
  • Capture of incoming parts from suppliers and reclaimed devices

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance and quality assurance
  • Tracking standard on all devices throughout the entire repair process

  • Forced device routing based on customer requirements or project rules
  • Monitoring of performance indicators for process efficiency and employee productivity


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