Due to the change in our core business, Encore Repair Services has made the difficult decision to terminate the Refreshed by Encore program on May 24 and will no longer be accepting devices for Trade In activities after this date.

For all claims that have been submitted as of May 23, claims will be processed as normal. If a device is not received within 2 weeks of the claim being opened, the claim will be cancelled and no longer accepted. The last date for Encore to receive a device for the Refreshed by Encore program will be June 8th. All devices need to be received by this date or they will be
returned to the sender with no action taken on Encore’s side.

  • For units that are Pending Approvals – units that are iCloud locked or Re-Quotes – devices will be returned and not processed by Encore if no response is received by June 8th.
  • For all Store Trade-Ins – device will be sent back to the store that the Trade-In is from. It will be your responsibility to return to the customer if we do not receive response or full information to process the claim.
  • For all Direct Trades – Encore will correspond with the customer directly.

At this time – we have disabled the website for Associates to log in to check claims and payment information. For any information required – please email trade-ins@encorerepair.com

Thank you.

How it Works

Encore specializes in making it easy and lucrative for you to trade-in your used mobile devices with us.

All customer devices are processed, tracked and graded using Encore’s device Level 1 (L1) processing.  We will fully sanitize and data wipe each device, functionally test and grade.

We will send you a report detailing the results and finalizing our offer to buy your mobile devices.

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   Why Sell Bulk Devices to Encore?

  1. Fully compliant R2 service provider
  2. Highest residual value
  3. Guaranteed data wiping or devices are returned
  4. Feel good about keeping your handset out of a landfill
  5. Simple quoting and trade-in process
  6. No job too big or too small

    Encore will repair, restore or recycle your devices


Risk Prevention
Mitigate risks on the processing and handling of personal end user data


Regulatory Compliance
Government and industry compliance, including certified data sanitization

Let Encore help you with your technology take out needs.

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