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Battle Tested. Agile. Responsive.

Who is Encore Repair?

Inspired to be the Best

We are inspired by the thrill of finding solutions in a culture that expects excellence and leads the industry in service, quality, and reliability. Our proven track record for delivering creative solutions inspires us to continually do more, better.

We see ourselves as ingenious tinkerers, continually inspired to transform an ever-changing industry. We are inspired by the trust we earn with our customers who see us doing just that, every day. And we are inspired by the knowledge that our work ultimately helps more people stay connected around the world.

All of that feeds our passion with purpose.

So we aren’t just the best because it sets us apart or gives us an advantage over our competition. We are the best because we are inspired to be the best. It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are.

Environmentally Sustainable

At Encore, we work closely with our partners to responsibly manage the device lifecycle by extending the life of products, repairing defective components, reusing harvested parts and recycling scrap through verified partners.

Our everyday business practices, procedures and standards deliver the highest quality to our clients by exceeding their expectations and requirements. We hold a number of certifications: TL9000, RIOS and Responsible Recycling (R2).

Encore Certifications & Standards

Our integrity and principals are demonstrated not only in the quality products and services we provide, but also in the certifications and standards we adhere to.

Responsible Recycling Certification (R2)
Our dedication to practices for managing used and end-of-life electronics, components and materials (Elgin, IL; Dom. Rep)

Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS)
Our management system ensures organizational health and safety


ISO 9001:2015 with TL 9000:2016 Including TL 9000 QMS Measurements
Our dedication to practices for to the Refurbishing of Electronic Devices including its Supporting Processes (Elgin, IL; Dom. Rep).


OEM Parts Policy
Our internal pledge for only using authentic OEM Parts & removing all non-conforming parts from every phone we open

The Dominican Republic and Chicago, Illinois - Our Flagship Facilities


Advanced Capabilities

A state-of-the-art cleanroom where our engineers and repair technicians carry out complex repair and reclamation activities

OEM Parts

Strict use of OEM authentic parts, including rigorous inspection and validation processes and reclamation programs

Proprietary Software

In-house software tool tracks and monitors all devices and parts throughout the entire repair process

Encore University

Every Encore employee completes a curriculum of college level courses and hands-on training before joining our production team

Interested in Joining Encore?

Encore has created an environment that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.  We have the culture, values, and challenging opportunities that make a job a career.

US & Canada

For consideration or to share your resume send an email to: jobs@encorerepair.com

Dominican Republic

For consideration please send CV to: reclutamientodr@encorerepair.com

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